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5-Month-Old Harper Yeats Becomes The Youngest To Visit All 50 States In America

50 states in 5 months!


Among the many trends that millennials in America are finding themselves hooked up to, traveling (and posting about it) is the most overrated one. As much as social media has romanticized travel into 'wanderlust,' 'sonder' or 'globe wander,' Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats have been breaking all records of it. 

The Canadian couple which originally hails from Canberra, Australia came up with the plan for a road trip when Cindy was on her maternity leave after she had their daughter Harper. They decided to look into All Fifty States Club which provides an authentication that you've visited all 50 states in the US. Epic, right?

But the best part of their trip (for us) was the photographs of Harper in each state that they posted on their Instagram!