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These Wrong Number Text Replies Perfectly Teach Us The Art Of Clapback

Oops! I didn't check the number!


We've all had those moments when we put our head down and beg to the Lord that nobody saw us doing what-shall-never-be-named. What one feels at such occasions is a combination of one or more of the following: 

1. "Wow, did that just happen?" 

2.  "Oh my God." 

3. "Don't know which way to look." 

4. "Die a death." 

And the combination takes the deadly turn when you accidentally send a not-so-appropriate text to someone not-appropriate-at-all. That's when the hell and heaven both break loose on you, and there's no end to the waves of cringe.

Take a look at these wrong number text fails and how people clapback at them, and you'll realize that the world of embarrassment for real one!

PS: You might as well learn the art of clapback.