Roger Supertramp 13 Oct, 2018 07:34 70518 32

Ouch! These 27+ Awkward Selfies Made Me Prick Myself In Surprise

Coz mirrors don't lie!


Ever since viral content companies began making their presence felt, we've seen millions of hysterical pictures making way onto our screens. From those double meaning pictures to the ones that demanded 6/6 precision in eyes for us to find what's wrong with them, a lot came and went down in the e-drain.

Well, just to invoke those memories of viral photos, we today have a crazy list of mindless selfies that can land the takers in jail if being idiotic was a crime. People seem to have done it all, from clicking public photos with adult toys in the background to making a fool out of themselves by clicking with feet. 

Buckle up your belts coz some illogical yet entertaining shit is coming your way!