Roger Supertramp 12 Nov, 2018 12:15 71212 25

Lesser Known Facts About The Brands That Are Ruling Markets Since 100 Years

Presenting the immortals. 


Branding is every bit about creating a perception of a brand name amongst the potential buyers and even non-buyers. If a product is active in one business arena for decades, chances are that a huge chunk of users would agree to give it at least one shot and make a purchase. This ain't no trial and error but factual stuff picked freshly from the hidden notes of the business books. 

On the list, we have brand names as old as 150+ years and you'll be surprised to know that a few of these actually sorta have a monopoly in their field of business. 

If you don't believe me, these age-old brands that are still going strong as ever are sure to make you agree while also teaching you some important business lessons.