Keith Kirin 12 Jul, 2018 05:04 67027 9

Ever Wondered Why Seats in the Public Toilets are Mostly U-Shaped?

There's a reason for the U-shape.


A lot of you might have noticed that seats in the public toilets are mostly U-shaped. While back at home, there are circular or closed fittings to sit.

There could be a lot of reasons and explanations but the actual one? Well, you might never know. Or maybe you can. We have done all the homework and researched the matter thoroughly to bring you the definitive answers. Oh, and by the way, during the research we also observed that approximately 14% of phones have poop (E. coli) on them because people use them on the toilet.

So, if you wondered about the shape of the seats in the public toilets, here's the answer.