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Why Is Everyone Putting Butter In Their Coffee?

Oh yes! It’s more of a lifestyle choice than a fad.


Hello peeps!

If you intend to look for an error in the title, I would suggest not to waste your time. Let me introduce you to my favorite pal - The Butter. For all of you who are kinda skeptical about his goodness, hang on till the end to have your thoughts changed.

Before I leave my friend to speak about himself, please allow me to give you a brief introduction. Butter lives in a joint family and the bloodline dates back to time immemorial. The kindred are spread all across the globe, but my personal favorite is the one descending from the milk of only grass-fed cows.

My bent for the grass eating cows is based on the very fact that cows do not have the potential to digest soy or corn products (which are cheap and filling) which, in turn, leads to producing milk which contains fats that are bad for the human body. Just to help you in spotting among the kins, unsalted Kerrygold Butter is one of those and has gained my loyalty forever.

For newbies who think butter is restricted to upping the fat quotient, welcome to the new world. Read on to know why having coffee with my buddy is so much in. While my pal speaks for himself, I'll grab a buttery coffee. See ya later!