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This Is Why You Will Never See 13th Floor In Hotel Buildings

Trippin' on superstitions?


If you ever find yourself in a confused and dazed state in an elevator because you couldn't find the number 13 button, don't worry, you are not the first one to face the horrific dilemma. And there's a good chance that you won't be able to find the same in other hotels too! 

Curious, why? 

It's way too common for hotels to not have the 13th floor and is a popular practice in the United States. While this may sound a bit drastic and out-of-mind measure taken by the hoteliers, there's more behind the curtain of reasons than you can imagine. 

So, tighten your seat-belts and get ready for a spookish-ride to the origin of number 13th. After decoding it for the hotels, we'll talk about some of the reasons why this superstition is so popular.