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When A Vegetarian Was Offered Non Veg Hot Pot In China...

Walking down my memory lane...


A day before our departure from Chongqing, Sona took me along with her to bid goodbye to her professor. I was pretty excited to see Chongqing Medical University’s professor Zhao Qinghua because there were already a lot of good things I had heard about her. Not only Sona, majority of the university students admire Zhao for her impressive personality, positive and caring nature, and of course her beauty. 

I was literally shocked to see such a senior lady getting up from her couch, coming out of the cabin and responding to our visit. My respect towards Zhao doubled when I witnessed her humbleness.

Daniel, Sona’s batchmate was there to help us communicate with professor Zhao. While Sona mentioned that we were moving to Chengdu the very next day, Zhao quickly asked Daniel to plan for dinner the same eve.

There came another surprise, I wondered Sona, one among thousands of students from the university was getting a farewell dinner treat from her professor. By the time, Daniel had dropped a message in their teacher-student group saying professor Zhao has conducted dinner for Sona and her sister at 7 pm at a hotpot restaurant nearby.