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Behind-the-Words: Share With Us What Special You're Going To Do This Halloween 


Hi, guys!

October has already started, and I am here with a lot of wishes for you. Special virtual hugs and love to all of those celebrating their birthday this month. 

I hope you all are doing fine and enjoying life as usual. If you ask me, I had an amazing September as I visited Europe for the first time. I was in Amsterdam for four days to attend International Broadcasting Convention 2018 as a panelist. Thousands of media persons and broadcasters from all around the world were gathered to discuss and share new ideas, innovations, and experiences. I represented our very own The Popple, and I had great moments with great people. 

If you are a regular visitor of The Popple, you might have noticed that we are serving more of listicles now. This is because we have been getting exciting responses in listicles that have comparatively more images. Also, if you follow us on Facebook, you might have seen several experiments with different content formats going on. This is because we care for you and we want you to enjoy whenever you are on our platforms. 

Thanking you all for giving us unlimited support and love, I request everyone to keep sending us your thoughts, ideas, feedback, etc. Feel free to send us your cat/dog videos, recipe pictures or whatever you feel like; we would love to share them with the world. Since it’s Halloween month, I am really excited to hear from you about how you’re gonna celebrate it. 

For anything, write to me at [email protected]. You are also welcome to share your opinion pieces on the website with your own byline. 

Happy Halloween in advance. See you next, peace out!