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America Has Some Bizarre Laws And Here Are 50 Of Them

Plain Ridiculous! 


First, let me clear this out, weird stuff is obsessive as hell and I'm addicted to it like Enrique. Yesterday, I called up my best friend in Texas to chit-chat about how expensive Halloween is in NY but we ended up talking about how dumb the world really is. Starting with Kanye's absence from media to laws that baffle people up, I was pretty much hanging from the couch when we said our good-byes. But something about her telling me about the ban on non-bouncy pickles in Alabama shooed off my sleep.

I dug into the law-life deeper and found that some laws are dumber than people. Also, they're everywhere like the common cold. One thing led to another and now I'm writing this, still amazed from the shocking laws I got to know about. 

Here's a list of some weird and outlandish laws that only God knows why are still being implemented. 

PS: Of course there are T&Cs around them but we thought of sharing them for fun!