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20 Uses Of Coconut Oil That You Missed In Your Grandma's Prescriptions

It can treat insomnia, too!


Coconut oil! That is an omnipresent recipe, in our households, since our first cry, and since our first breaths! Be it grandma or grandkids, generations have got accustomed to it and generations, will. But, somewhere in the rut of everyday life, Gen Y has buried the natural remedy, deep under the piles of latest creams and 'shortcut treatments.' So, here, The Popple would love to remind you of the everlasting benefits of the elixir!

Don't worry, the list is informative, but not boring! We shall love to take you around lightly, with dollops of humor and amusement!

P.S.: It is advisable to consult a medical practitioner for allergies before you boil down to a remedy.