Jennifer 25 Sep, 2018 08:20 70010 10

How To Use Public Washrooms Safely?

Shoo away the 'pee blues'!


The thought of having to use the public washroom 'cause the pee shivers are just uncontrollable makes us anxious and too 'not in the mood.' The inevitability of the release sends chills down the spine, and I'm not too overboard when I am saying so. The OCD for cleanliness has been pretty dominant in a lot of us, now.

Well, we can sure empathize with the reluctance of public washrooms and the insecurity attached to using them. Thus, to ease matters a little, we, at The Popple are here to 'Make Life Better' this week with these quick and handy tips to fight the 'public washroom' game with ninja hacks!