Keith Kirin 09 Sep, 2018 12:59 69608 14

US Open 2018: Emotional Moments That Overpoured The Controversial Final 

Sexism, anger, disappointment, loss.


The vision somewhat blurred in my memory, but still, I remember that charming ear-to-ear smile on her face when Serena Williams won the first US Open Grand Slam in the year 1999. And that smile was more precious than the trophy itself because the victory had made her the second African-American woman to win the title. 

Fast forward to 2018, a young lady from Japan Naomi Osaka defeated Serena Williams to win this year's Grand Slam. It was not like rest of the failures Serena had in her career. The match that she lost was historic for a lot of reasons. This article talks about why 2018 Grand Slam is so memorable for tennis lovers/followers.

Naomi started crying as soon as she became the first Japanese player ever to win the Singles for her country. But those were not tears of joy; her win was heartbreaking because she had to defeat her idol.

So, what exactly went wrong? Let's have a look!