Keith Kirin 21 Sep, 2018 21:52 67239 15

These Movie Theaters With Amazing Facilities Are Winning Hearts Of People

It's winter? This theater has heated seats.


Imagine there's a ceremony for a brand new theater in your town, and you decide to buy a ticket to watch the movie of your favorite actor in it. You step into the theater, and the first expression that comes out of your mouth is WOW!. Comfortable seats, tasty popcorn, and a digital sound system that feels as if it's audible directly to your ears. Having a good time right?

But, now what if I tell you there are much more facilities which theaters around the world have to offer? Redditors show us theaters that have added some 'extra features' to enhance the audience's comfort level of visiting them, and the results are mind-boggling. I, personally, couldn't believe these theaters exist on Earth.