Samantha 20 Aug, 2018 12:34 68529 16

#DeleAlliChallenge Is The Latest Viral Trend Taking Over The Internet

Still trying and failing at it?


It seems like the social presence of Generation-Y doesn't limit to the 140-character descriptions. Now and then there comes a viral internet challenge that casts a spell of a tizzy on all its users that says - be PROUD GODDAMNN WEIRD!

The age of social media hands out instant fame in the form of viral challenges. As long as I remember, it all started out with the Cinnamon Challenge in 2013 which was a rage then but let's be honest; we've come so far than THAT. And as I am writing this, someone is sitting next to me trying to make a tricky hand gesture and failing at it miserably. Yes, it's the newest hottest challenge, the #DeleAlliChallenge also known as the #DeleChallenge.

I know, you've seen it flooding all over Twitter but care to know where this weird hand sign came from? What's the wait, let's dig in.