Keith Kirin 21 Sep, 2018 20:10 66986 31

These Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Travelers Expectation Vs. Reality

Feelings that cannot be described in words.


Time and again we have been fascinated by the picturesque clicks of the fascinating destinations. Also, there is no doubting the fact that while having high expectations of the place, we have been ruthlessly brought down by the reality, when we visit it. The beyond beautiful and out of this world panoramas are a bait and often a delusion of the place.

Allow me to reveal, those beaches that look nothing less than a way to harmony, the ice-clad white cliffs, the crystal clear blue water are a rare sight in reality. Just like you had been enticed with their serenity and charm, a lot of others were, too. So, before preparing for that expensive vacation, keep in mind the popularity of the place.

While we bring you some of the pictures that perfectly sum up a traveler's expectation vs. reality.