Jennifer 14 Sep, 2018 12:39 69259 7

What To Do If You Lose Your Passport Abroad?

Worry not, follow these steps!


lthough heavily unwanted and unthinkable, try to envisage such a scenario: You have been rummaging through the tiniest pockets of your backpack, heavily hunting through every piece of cloth and their pockets and scavenging your way through the room, but the most coveted PASSPORT is nowhere to be found. 

In your mind, you retrace the last sight of your passport, but all in vain. Nothing, but terror has struck you and there are the blues of defeat from such carelessness. It's high time to chuck self-thrashing and the futile blame game. Better to act quickly if you wish to be salvaged, ASAP. 

First and foremost: Take a deep breath!