Keith Kirin 17 Aug, 2018 12:50 68446 10

Heart Touching Notes To California Fire Couple Are Going Viral On Internet

Restored our faith in humanity.


The reasons behind wildfire are mostly unidentified because there could be many of them. But 'what if' you know who caused the fire as massive as the one we're currently witnessing in California? Yes, the blaze which has swallowed ten people whole, six firefighters and thousands of homes. 

Well, then many among us (especially the victims) might demand that a couple who caused wildfire should be prosecuted in the court and then soon it could've become global news for some time. But right now it has become a story that is breaking the internet with positivity and is worth telling.

I'm proud that I am getting to share it with you all. And it might sound like an overly used cliche, but the kind of response couple who caused the fire are getting on Facebook has restored my faith in humanity.