Keith Kirin 15 Oct, 2018 08:07 70544 25

These Celebrity Daughters Are Stunning Just Like Their Parents

Like parents, like daughters!


Being a celebrity kid isn't easy. And it is true, because as soon as celebrity kids are born; all the paparazzi run behind them to catch the first glimpse of everything, especially when the newborn is a girl. Their every action is in front of the world, from their first outing to first poop to first picture with grandparents to what-not.

The point here to note is, not all kids are good at handling such fame, glamor, and publicity. While some grow up to be anti-social and controversial (drug addicts even), some age like a fine wine, gracefully and elegantly to carry on the famed-legacy built by their parents.

So we at The Popple decided to curate the list of stunning celebrity daughters for you.

Have a look!