Keith Kirin 01 Sep, 2018 08:58 69240 11

11 Posters Showing The Fundamental Difference Between Startups And MNCs

Here's why you should choose a startup over high-paying jobs.


There are a lot of reasons why people opt for a corporate job over startup, like financial stability, job security, exposure to global platforms and what not. With it, also comes work pressure. In case of a startup, the culture is exactly opposite of what you see in any multinational company.

If you look at the recent trends, startup ecosystem has overtaken MNCs and freshers in huge numbers. And even though it is a hard-ride with no fancy perks, youngsters are still choosing to work in startups instead of corporates to gain more knowledge and fast-paced growth.

Not just this, we've listed out a few other great things as well that prove working in a startup is a wise decision for youth.