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10 Things That Might Imply Your Partner Is Cheating On You

And what not to do after being cheated.


To start with, let me tell you - this isn't an opinion piece, but a survey report.

Social media platforms, dating apps, and messaging services have muddied the waters of modern dating, and the line of what is believed to be cheating is blurred.

Cheating is not just some kind of steamy love affair; clandestine encounters in dingy motel rooms, or furtive glances across the dance floor. There's much more to it. 

Here is a list of behaviors that people consider as cheating based on a survey done on 3000 users of Ashley Madison - the dating site for those who wish to cheat on their partners. If you don't agree with anything, treat the survey as our defense. *winks*

Read on to delve deep.