Keith Kirin 07 Sep, 2018 08:56 68760 11

10 Shocking Revelations About Spiritual Guru Osho Who Threatened America

Tales of poison and paranoia.


Imagine a man secretly hailing from India to the United States trying to capture Antelope, a town in Oregon with the help of a handful of followers. Do you think any of the Americans would accept that? A big NO.

But many of us know that America witnessed this instance almost 30 years ago. It is a story of the downfall of spiritual leader and free-love cult ambassador Osho and his lieutenant Ma Anand Sheela who were in the mission to take over Antelope converting it into Rajneeshpuram. It's been years that the commune collapsed from Oregon but people from all over the world including Americans still remember Osho and his cult for its uniquely awkward culture. 

Here are some strange facts about the Osho cult on the basis of Neflix series Wild Wild Country.