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30+ Savage Mom Moments That Tell Moms Must Not Be Messed With

When mom searched on Google: Can you abort at 224 months?


Let me tell you, a good mom joke has all the sass and scathe! There's no doubting their timing, wit and relevance, also the reference to context is just en pointe! And dude, she takes no sh*t, she got no time for your lame excuses. While dad jokes have been termed to savage, let's figure out with examples below, who wears the crown with the right measurements of impudence and satire.

Caution: Moms may be there, all adamant to ground your spirit into dust, well that's their part of the game. They know it well, when to lift and when to dismantle. 

So, scroll at your own discretion! Severe burns could be a possibility.