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10+ Reasons Why Women Should Never Wear Shirts 

Stereotypes: Shattered!


With this startling and bold headline, many of you have managed to come in and read. If the headline managed to enrage you, then you are on the right path, dude. But, if you felt that the headline is part of a truth, then that's sad, for both of us! I mean, what's wrong? Why so sexist? You think only men can sport shirts and women should be happier in dresses, tops, and tees, what has happened?

Let me take you towards the BTS of the story: Phew! Scouting for these pictures on their Instagram accounts was a task. There was on an average of one picture in a shirt from hundreds and even thousands of photos that they had shared on their social media handle. 

So, please take a look at these pictures that will debunk all the myths and change the perception, too!