Samantha 02 Nov, 2018 14:49 70948 21

These Photographs Of Liquid Cats Are Dripping With Cuteness We Can't Handle 

Trip. Drip. Meow. Repeat. 


According to the dictionary, water is a substance that "flows freely" but has a "constant volume." But what if, we tell you that there's something that's not water but poses all these characteristics? And what if, we hint you that it's the 4-legged purring and meowing creature that sleeps with all the pride in the world? 

Yes, those whiskers they twirl in confidence might make them look bold but they can turn into a dripping pool of fluff just in second when they feel like it. Which is very often btw! 

Warning: If you are feeling even a slight urge to pee, do it before reading this because these liquid cats come with a bonus of cat jokes that will surely make your pants wet. 

Ready to watch some spilling, leaking, dripping, splashing and flowing cats? Dive right in.