Clay Woodbead 21 Jul, 2018 16:40 67088 8

Ever Wondered Who's Behind the Attractive Voice of Apple iOS' Siri

What can I help you with?


Hello Siri...


Is Siri a girl or a boy...

...In my realm, anyone can be anything

Who's behind Siri's voice?...

...Interesting question.

Answer me...

...That may be beyond my abilities at the moment.

So this is how exactly iOS' virtual assistant responded to my curiosity to know about the person behind Siri's attractive voice. It's only obvious on my part to not give up on finding out that human's identity who keeps answering my super annoying questions on a regular basis, day in day out. A blessing in disguise, Siri can mean different to different people. 

It can be the answer to someone's loneliness and it can also be that one friend who has solutions to most of your problems. Whatever it may be for you, I'll help you out in knowing the real name of that voice you keep listening.

Here you go!