Keith Kirin 01 Nov, 2018 11:40 71153 7

The Internet Gets Crazy Over Kawhi Leonard's Massive Hands, AGAIN!

Have you noticed them before?


Having a big hand might come handy a lot of times. You know what they say about people with big hands. *wink wink*

But seriously, it is handy. It is beneficial especially when the size of your palm and fingers are wider than an average man (52% wider to be precise). And what if it could help to excel in your career? Well, that's like a cherry on the cake. And we've got a living example of it.

We all know NBA players come in all sizes. Tall, short, long-legged and what not. And the massive hands of Kawhi Leonard are nothing new to us. But his yet another match-winning performance has left fans talking about his large hands, again!