Keith Kirin 07 Feb, 2019 07:23 73219 30

30 Animated Movie Dialogues That'll Keep You Inspired Rest Of Your Life

That's some epic life lessons man!


Our childhood stories would be incomplete if we didn't mention the names of animated films and TV shows like The Lion King, Tom & Jerry, Rapunzel, and Mowgli. These shows and movies, together, used to make the best hours of our lives on Sundays. You might remember, how we all used to wait for them to release in the theatre near us?

As we grow up, we realize that animated movies are not only the source of entertainment, but they also teach us a lot of wisdom that we were not paying attention to as a kid. Hey, don't worry; we've done the homework for you.

We at The Popple have compiled this list of animated movie dialogues that teach us the best lessons of life.

Take a look!