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Funniest FIFA World Cup 2018 Memes So Far, That Are Equally Painful

Fun with FIFA!


Croatia has shattered all declarations of the soothsayers (even the experts) and has barged into the finals of FIFA World Cup 2018. This being the tournament of the underdogs, performing unconditionally well, with the perfect defense and attacks, there's a lot of drama for the spectators! Resultantly, how can social media be lagging in the foray? Memes have been galore here and there and we just could not keep ourselves from bringing them to you, thanks to their humor quotient.

From quirky hairdos to Ronaldo's unbelievably sexy goals to Messi's underperformance to England's exit (read homecoming!) to Neymar's overboard injuries, this tournament has got us some memorable memes. 

Have a look!