Samantha 17 Oct, 2018 07:18 70645 3

T.I. Slammed White House With Melania Trump Stripper Look-Alike

First lady lap dance?!


Coming straight to the point: Sex sells. And who knows it better than artists in the industry who are following the mantra of raunchiness and sensuality when it comes to propelling their music high into the charts. And it seems like rapper and producer T.I. has recently taken over the edge when it comes to obscenity in music videos. In the teaser for his new album, Dime Trap, there's a jaw-dropping scene where a Melania look-alike wearing "I Really Don't Care" jacket *big oops* is taking it all off for T.I. in the Oval. 

Damn, now what? 

Now that he has spilled gasoline all over himself, sparks from the oval office (which have already started btw) will burn him through any minute. But his confidence is making up doubt whether he has a plan for this in place already.