Keith Kirin 12 Oct, 2018 07:38 67592 25

Pictures Of These Real-Life Barbie Dolls Will Blow Your Mind

A trend taking the world by storm.


More young women in our society today are deciding to live their life as Barbie dolls. This dominant lifestyle tradition has taken the world by storm. And the leading names who adopted this lifestyle like Valeria Lukyanova, Rodrigo Alves, and Angelica Kenova have become instant celebrities after their transformation.

After all, it takes guts to bring this drastic change in one's persona and that too by flooding money like water in the entire 'Barbification' process. While these real-life Barbie dolls have their unique features, we cannot deny they are all equally beautiful in their own right.

So, we at The Popple have compiled a list of the best real-life Barbie dolls on the internet.