Jennifer 08 Sep, 2018

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mac Miller

A dark day in rap history

“I was too worried about the legacy that I would leave behind — how I would be remembered if I died. That was my whole thing. Like, you never know, man, so I’ve got to make sure I make all this music so when I die there’s albums and albums.”

- Mac Miller

With a heavy heart and nearly tears in my eyes, I have to pen this piece. It was never in my dreams I would write this way about Mac Miller. The cheesy raps, the mind-blowing poetics, the hip-hop darling is no moe and it is not at all easy to digest. We know he indulged in huge substance abuse and has ultimately lost to it. The Pittsburgh rapper, Malcolm McCormick did give us the strength to fight the suicidal or even disastrous thoughts. 

All said, he and his music shall live within us, beating through our blood vessels. His canny wordplay and simply fab artistic reinventions shall thrive, no matter what! They're eternal. 

Coming over to his memories, let us remember the subtleties he breathed in his life.