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30 Ways To Live A Luxurious Life Without Poking A Hole In Your Pocket

Royalty now comes in budget.


Yes, you read the title right. Luxury does not necessarily have to mean expensive jets, champagne, and caviar. It can also be a state of mind. For some, luxury is having a day off, for others, it is keeping fresh flowers in the dining room. For some, it is a nice meal at a fancy restaurant, for some, it is a hot bath in the jacuzzi. So in and out, you feel luxurious when you experience nice things.

However, if you quantify, luxury can surely feel like a little out of the budget. But wait, that’s not true. Fortunately, you don't need to spend a fortune to have a nice time.

If you are someone who lives by the pay slips, then we have some hacks for you. Here are all the ways you can live a luxurious life, without poking a hole in your pocket.