Samantha 31 Oct, 2018 07:11 71045 9

8 Reasons Why Life-Hack Culture Is Pretty NEAT

Hack-life is the new THUG!


Let's admit this first, our lazy bums are not very fond of hard-work. We're not talking about lack of passion or not willing to go the extra mile, but ditching those worn-off ways that people practice for certain things. Let me give you a very fascinating example here itself. When my father's razor goes dull, he throws it off in the trash and replaces it with a new one. Obvious, right? But when my waxing razor stops shining, I rub in across my jeans a few times and it starts blazing like new! 

Life-hack culture is like pop music, it existed earlier but is in the hype now. Many would criticize that getting things done fast and easy ain't so cool because these "hacks" won't get us very far. But think this way, aren't they making us smarter? As much as I believe in the go-getter SWAG, I won't deny that brain-picking and creative-tricking is neat like 'em shots.