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15 Lazy Memes For All Lazy People Out There

Different beds, same feelings.


Lazy day. The perfect way to celebrate the one mutual value we all have. The serious go-getters won't get this. Neither would the ones with the routine. Only those who have mastered the art of doing nothing would know its significance.

Laziness is not a quality or a virtue nor is it a defect or a side-effect. It's just a way of life. Ask the millennials, and you'll know a lot more about this world - the hatred towards Mondays, the cancellation-of-plans-for-the-pleasure-of-sleeping, the drowsy Sundays... 

All of this would make sense once you stepped into the shoes of a lazy person. Only if they bothered to buy a pair, that is.

TL;DR - Here are some of the best lazy memes to make your day!