Keith Kirin 22 Oct, 2018 09:00 67690 10

10 Famous Celebrities Who Earn Hell Lot Of Money On Instagram

Can you believe the top earners' digits?


A lot of us dream to find a way to earn more money, and that too more efficiently. Something like we can do online in the comfort of our couch and boom; we want all the cash credited into our account. It might be hard for an average man to achieve this dream but some celebrities are living this dream. And while you're reading this, they're already earning millions of dollars online.

Wondering how? Well, thanks to Instagram. In case you still do not know; then let me tell you that celebrities get paid a massive amount to promote different brands and products on this social media of pictures.

Recently, a website called HopperHQ has released an Instagram rich list of 2018, based on the amount these famous celebrities charge per post.