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15+ Things Men Can Do To Make Their Women Feel Better During Periods

A beginner's guide to not run away during 'that time of the month.'


Periods - a familiar term for both men and women is used invariably as a shorthand for explaining why a woman may be irritable, moody or generally disagreeable. The irony is that the hormones are blamed even when she is not on her periods.

It's high time men should stop using the term as a shield to excuse themselves conveniently and walk away during that time of the month. As a woman I know how cranky I get when I am down, I also know the havoc PMS can wreak on an otherwise healthy relationship. I can also relate to the mindset of a man whose instinct to face the situation rather than avoid it can turn a week from hell into a minor hurdle. 

If you value your relationship and know that you’re both suffering from the fall out of PMS, then all you need is a plan. Try being a lil proactive and see what difference you can make.

Read on to know how to start.