Keith Kirin 23 Nov, 2018 14:05 68160 27

20+ Times People Entertained The Internet With Their Epic Sense Of Humor  

Hilarious. Epic. S#it.


There's no end to humans' curiosity. From childhood to adulthood and from why the sky is blue to how to spot a shark in ocean, there's no end to our questions. Over the centuries humankind has intelligently accumulated knowledge about so many aspects. And today, we have an answer for everything! Like, EVERYTHING!

But, if you don't find an answer to a question anywhere else in the books or on the internet, do not worry, 'Ask Reddit.' Trust me, it works. And while the answers you'll get on Reddit may not be technically correct, you can be sure that they'll be logically hilarious and epic in their own right.

Scroll down and read some of the wittiest answers that people have got on their questions on Reddit.