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15 Greatest Love Stories From History That'll Leave You Swooning

Love holds its place from times unknown.


Romance has always been the flagbearer of young emotions. Sadly, today the intensity of the feeling has, by and large, been reduced to just being physical. Wake up guys; there's more to a relationship than simply sleeping together (nothing wrong with that though, if that’s what you’re into).

Nonetheless, certain love stories are so remarkable and influential; they inspire books and art for posterity. Sometimes the people themselves are already notable; other times, they're ordinary in every other way, but their bond speaks volumes about extraordinary love.

So, here's our list of the most epic love stories dating back to times when the only tinder available was the town saloon and text messages were letters that took ages to be delivered. Read on to acknowledge the lovebirds of good old times and keep a box of tissues handy, cause trust us, you’re gonna need them.

We promise your perception of love and romance would change dramatically with these evergreen and swoon-worthy love stories that totally gave us some epic #couplegoals!