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Stay Away From This Plant If You Love Your Eyes

Don't get awestruck by its beauty. It's highly toxic.


Hello folks!

Enjoying Summers?

While at some places people have started basking in the sun; there might be few who dread the very thought.

Anyone who comes across the Giant Hogweed plant wishfully wants to stay away from the sun at all costs.

Don't be fooled by its pretty fluffy white flowers, the Giant Hogweed is an absolute menace and can cause incredible pain and life-long scarring if you happen to touch it.

The sap coming from the umbrella-shaped flowers can foment havoc on your skin, and trust me, you wouldn't even realise that you've been a victim until it's too late.

Read on to know the basic facts about Giant Hogweed, the plant that has the potential to leave you blind forever.