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Game Of Thrones Mistakes That You Never Noticed

"For The Throne"


With just nearly 50 days left for the final season, the world is all geared up for the showdown of one of the greatest television shows ever. In the last eight years, Game of Thrones has given us everything, and then some more. So, as the first episode of the final season hits the screens on April 14, it would be embarking the end of the grandest show, and the world won't be the same place ever again. 

It might be one hell of a show but, hey, it's us, humans, who created it and hence, there's always room for some bloopers. Well, that's the beauty of it, isn't it? That even the near-perfect show had some mistakes, and that makes it all the more interesting.

So, scroll down and take a look as we present you some of the mistakes in the Game of Thrones' episodes that you never noticed.