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25 Relatable Tweets For All The Travelers And Overpackers Out There

"Just in CASE"


Like most of my fellow overpackers, I won't be surprised (not even a tiny bit) if the TSA employee at security saw my bag and said, "Gosh, a lot going on in there, huh?" Meanwhile, I'll just be standing right by the guy with the world's smallest briefcase ever made, thinking about the 4 pairs of jeans that I never even touched during my 30-day trip in the Netherlands. 

Lugging three stuffed up bags up and down stairs and across the crowded train platforms is no big deal for overpackers. It's funny how they are willing to carry that one extra set of jewelry that they know there's no need of but hey, let's still bring it along! 

Relatable huh! Check out these 25 tweets by fellows like you and don't forget to murmur WHATEVER in the end.