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15+ Illustrations Prove That Life Of A Short Girl Is Tough Yet Funny

The struggle is REAL!


I'm short and I know it because I'm constantly reminded of it. From my head being used as an armrest to being questioned about my age, my height is something I can never forget.

Sure, I get a lot of perks... People find me cute (bleh), they even come and pet me sometimes, but that is where the problem comes in. What if I don't want to be petted? What if I'm angry and yelling and people still find it cute? All I'm left with is the agony of not being taken seriously. *Sigh*

Boyfriends? Don't even get me started on them! From claiming all the extra space in the bed to simply lifting me up whenever they want, let me just say that it takes a while before we almost kill each other. There are many struggles, of course. But hey, I get all the space I need because I can literally fit anywhere! And heels are a savior whenever my short existence bothers me.

Here's a glimpse of struggles in the life of a short girl.