27 Historic Memes Proving That Problems Were The Same 1000 Years Ago 

Centuries went, nothing changed. 

What's bringing us closer? Memes. What's making people instantly popular? Memes. What is social media's vein? Memes. What's tearing the name for a few? Memes. What's keeping us awake and laughing late at night? Memes.   

Call them 'mee-mms' or 'may-may'; they are surely important to this gen because more often than not, they end up revealing our daily problems/struggles. But what if I break it to you that the ancestors we had a 1000 years ago also faced the same problems we're facing today? Yeah, hard to believe because all they had was a lot to invent and discover for the civilization and all we have is a distracting line of apps on our smartphone.  

So, to clarify just that, here are some super interesting memes to take you back in time and also tickle that belly.