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25 Pictures Proving 'A Family That Laughs Together Stays Together'

Because an ideal family is a funny family!


Son fails an exam, his father learns about the result and starts laughing out loud while enjoying an ice cream. Daughter comes home very late, the mother welcomes her with a chocolate fudge and shares late-night hangout stories with her. A dog eats its own shit, the family Veterinary physician eats the pet's pedigree (dog food). Hahahuhu!

The aforementioned examples show exactly how a tense situation can be turned into a light one just by choosing a different response. In the busy life that we all have, seldom do we get a chance to sit with our parents to discuss random stupid things that make no sense at all. But today, with the following pictures, I intend to motivate you so that you can initiate a sense of crazy humor back into your blood relations.