Roger Supertramp 20 Oct, 2018 13:52 70757 25

25 Expectation Vs. Reality Photos Proving Experiments Can Turn Disastrous

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Fashion fails, cooking fails, parenting fails, photography fails, sport fails, the internet today is full of over a billion of these funny pictures of failures. With just one Instagram scroll, I bet you'll come across at least one expectation vs. reality post that would lift your mood. This magic happens because more often than not we can directly relate to these posts of embarrassments that we all go through after getting our mistakes captured in a camera roll. 

Today, we bring to you a collection of such pictures of failed experiments that show the hard work people put in to attain 'perfection' but hardly ever come close to it. Whether they're really cool or just plain damn stupid, should be your call.  Go ahead, have a close look!