Roger Supertramp 10 Nov, 2018 10:45 71276 21

20+ Men Who Can Play Tom Cruise In The Upcoming Mission Impossible

They know no fear, they know no pain.


Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise's character in Mission: Impossible hit the silver screen in 1996 and since then, has earned a million fans and billions of earnings. Not just that, the series also has managed to inspire a few insanely brave people who tried to cross the thin line between an act of bravery and an act of idiosyncrasy. 

Well, well, well. Who am I to give them a negative name? Correct. But being an idiot is far from being a negative term because the ones who can go peculiar in their ways are the only ones who can actually go off the line, mend the ways and do the impossible.

Cutting the crap, I'll now introduce you to a few souls who care about nobody when it comes to doing what they are handled. Check 'em out!