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10+ Easy Tips From Fitness Instagrammer To Grow Your Followers

A shout out to all the fitness bloggers!


Consider this scenario: As you are scrolling down your Instagram feed you are struggling to keep up the body positivity and self-worth, which are falling notches down with every pitch-perfect picture of a female with just the perfect curves! In no time, the quest for some entertainment and fun turns into self-thrashing and 'looking down upon'!

With this, we get to you, Stacey! And then there are a lot of Instagram fitness influencers among us who are struggling to increase the follower base. 

We at The Popple recently stumbled upon Stacey, 28, from Victoria, Australia. She runs an amazingly creative Instagram account under the en pointe name, 'psychandsquats'. Having more than 40K followers in her cap, there she is, destigmatizing mental health and embracing body positivity.

Here we get to you some tips from the beautiful lady herself, to amp up the Instagram game.