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25 Rebellious Fight Club Dialogues That Teach Us About Life More Than Anything

Each word is a gem that deserves to be framed!


In every person's life comes a time, when they start to question anything and everything that exists around them. And when I say every person, I'm counting in the wealthiest and most famous people of our society to the left out underprivileged ones who struggle for their daily bread and butter.

Consumed by smoking, drugs, alcohol, cubicle life, social media and fake standards of living - at some point in time, everyone realizes that in the end, we're all decaying matter and no one is getting out alive.

And if you're having trouble accepting the fact, we recommend you watch the film Fight Club as it helps clear your blurred vision. American novelist and writer, Chuck Palahniuk did an excellent writing job when he first wrote the novel and then the film.

We bring to you Fight Club movie dialogues that still ring true in 2019.