Samantha 09 Nov, 2018 07:41 71250 20

Most Awkwardly Funny Father-Daughter Text Fails You'll Ever See

The awkwardest duo ever!


Whether it's texting turned sexual coz of auto-correct or just a whiskey-drowned conversation where you are pouring your heart; there's nothing more awkward than father-daughter texting fails. Your mother might have understood your sudden urge for 'cream-pies' but sending that text at 3 am to your dad might put you in trouble. Keeping it short and simple for the dads, turn off that DAMN auto-correct! You're a grownup who should know grammar.

Wondering how hilarious it would be if any of the situations above would happen in real life. Well, some of them really did. 

These father-daughter text fails will make you cringe inside-out.